Sunday, August 05, 2007

Images representing the UFO craft as it approached

This is a series of images that I created on my computer right after the March 13, 1997 UFO event referred to as the Phoenix Lights. I was trying to reconstruct what I had witnessed that evening. The first image in the upper left corner is trying to show what we first saw - what appeared to be an arch-like pattern of 5 lights floating in the sky about 75 miles away. As we stood there we could see that the lights were getting further apart so we new it was moving towards us (second image). Then at some point the shape of the 5 lights became V-like (or more accurately alpha-like). Then all we saw was the lights getting further and further apart but always maintaining the same relationship with each other. Finally we saw the shape of it against the background of stars. The last two images are my attempt to show the perspective of how long the craft was by making it appear wide in the front and then taper towards the rear. But in fact the shape was uniform from end to end. It really looked like a 60 degree 2/3 of a triangle; like a carpenter's square set at 60 degrees.