Monday, April 25, 2011

AZMMJ Patient: Senator McCain Must Support Federal Medical Marijuana

Dear Senator McCain,

     The subject of my email is the relationship between my endowed freedoms from the Declaration of Independence and laws made outside of those freedoms. I am speaking about laws that come from moral opinions that are derived from Mosaic Law. Mosaic Law was incorporated into British Common Law under the reign of Alfred the Great. The Declaration of Independence declared our freedom from Mosaic Law along with the whole king-and-kingdom thing. Observation shows that the unalienable right to life that every citizen is endowed with by his CREATOR is violated by the Mosaic Law death penalty administered under the Constitution. It seems to me that the two "self-evident" truths should dictate all American law. Valid laws are those that protect citizens from harm or theft.
     The reason I am speaking about this issue of freedom and rights that come from God and not from the "generosity of the state” (John F. Kennedy in his inauguration speech), because I am a Medical Marijuana patient in Arizona and know for a fact that the laws against marijuana are inconsistent with the Declaration of Independence. It is the state's "moral opinion" that getting high on marijuana is evil and therefore should be against the law and the evil-doers should be criminalized and denied their rights.
   In the State of Arizona, we the people have decided that Marijuana has scientifically proven medical value and should be made available to qualified patients under the protection and supervision of the Arizona Health Department.
    Senator McCain, as an elected official of the State of Arizona you are required to support Medical Marijuana in your representation of the people of Arizona at the U.S. Senate. With this responsibility you must form a coalition with the U.S. Senators from the other Medical Marijuana States and act in concert to demand (at the least) that Marijuana be rescheduled to Schedule 3 from Schedule 1.
     If you disagree with my logic about your responsibility (for I am sure you do not deny all of the scientific evidence supporting medical marijuana including recognition by the National Cancer Institute on its website in March 2011) then I respectfully request that you communicate to me (and the voters of Arizona) your logic about this that would prevent you from honoring my request.

     Thank you for reading this. God bless you.


Timothy F. Ley, M.A.