Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Phoenix Lights - What's really behind the event?

This video depicts the typical attitude about "The Phoenix Lights". This is the erroneous perception that the lights videotaped the night of March 13, 1997 are attached to some type of humongous UFO when in fact they are military flare lights dropped by jets from the Maryland National Guard from over 30 miles south of Phoenix and the video tapes taken were even further away; for example the tape most used to show the lights is one made from a distance of at least 50 miles from the area the flares were dropped in over the Barry M. Goldwater Range. The lights are so singularly bright and clear because the lower frequencies of light that surround the flare interior are stripped off by the light's movement through over 30 miles of atmosphere; only the brightest light rays that were coming directly towards the videotape location would come through the atmosphere and be captured by the video camera's ccd; it's very similar to what happens to the view of the sun that you see as you descend deeper and deeper into the ocean until you reach a depth where no light can penetrate. All of the people who refuse to recognize the true nature of the "lights" are only "muddying the waters" for the rest of the world that would just like to know the real truth of what happened that evening. I don't have anything negative to say about these individuals whether witnesses or investigators; they have put themselves on the line by claiming these lights are not flares despite all of the evidence that contradicts that conclusion; this makes them emotionally bound to their "opinion" and kind of creates a blindspot in their thinking. The fact is they did not see an object; they saw unmoving lights come on and go off within 5 minutes and because they absolutely knew that there were UFO's passing over Phoenix that night from witnesses, they assumed what they saw was one of those UFO's. There is only one grainy videotape of 5 lights moving in formation taken right around 8:30 that evening just north of my location right before the craft with those 5 lights embedded in it passed over our house.

The producer of the video also took one of my images that is on my blog and inserted it into his video and animated it and never gave me credit for the original image creation. This is the image I'm talking about.

Phoenix Lights

The world needs to get straight about what happened here in Phoenix the evening of March 13, 1997. Believing that the event was all about some lights videotaped in the sky is completely off track. Understanding that the event was about the visit of one or more real ET crafts is what it was about. The videotaped lights were a way of bringing worldwide attention to the witnesses who actually saw a real craft.

Phoenix Lights Videotapes Analysis

Phoenix Lights Videotape Analysis

This video is an analysis of the videotaped lights in the sky near Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997 known as "The Phoenix Lights". These videotaped lights were what sparked world wide interest in the events of that night. As this blog continues on into the future I plan on developing a concept about these lights that will attempt to explain the meaning of the entire event that night (the most important part of it being the appearance of a bona fide UFO craft). So the first thing is to try and understand what those lights were that night that were videotaped over Phoenix as they appeared to hang in the sky in fixed positions without movement. There were 5 videotapes that recorded the array of lights that night but one in particular is the most well known. It's viewpoint is from north east Phoenix around 19th Avenue and Thunderbird Road. It is noteworthy that this location is about 20 miles north of the Estrella Mountain range and approximately 50 miles north of the Barry M. Goldwater range (where the flares were dropped by the Maryland Air Guard [see the video]). So if this particular video tape used in the analysis is actually a recording of flares dropped about 50 miles away from the camera viewpoint then why should anyone be surprised that the light from those flares from such a great distance wouldn't look like flares because most of the visible low frequency light surrounding the flares and any smoke would be filtered out by 50 miles of atmosphere. The light finally picked up by the CCD in the camera would be very clean and uniform because of this filtration and also because of the nature of a CCD .

Quite a controversy over these videotaped lights has literally raged in Phoenix since that night 10 years ago. One side of the controversy over what these lights were is the group of individuals who videotaped the lights and all the people who believed that the lights were the UFO or at least not lights from this earth. They absolutely want to believe that what they videotaped was some kind of UFO. They thought that's what they videotaped that night and after they found out that certain witnesses (like me and my family) had seen a moving array of lights and also an actual UFO craft they were further encouraged to believe that the "lights" they videotaped were the UFO. I'm sure they (and anyone else who believed with them) would feel that their "status" would be diminished if all that they had videotaped were flare-lights. Well I don't agree with a diminishing of status but rather a shifting of status; if it wasn't for their videotapes the world would probably not have noticed what happened in Phoenix that night. I feel I should make an observation here about part of the video. At one point Jim Dilettoso is comparing the lights from the video tape of March 13, 1997 to video tape made by the local NBC affiliate of flares dropped by the Airforce near Phoenix on June 25, 1997. It's obvious to the naked eye that the two images are quite different and Dilettoso's analysis shows they are quite different. Unfortunatey the distance from the video camera to the flares in the NBC affiliate video is certainly not 50 miles like the controversial video and therefore has not had the same atmospheric filtration process as the original video and also the TV station camera is of a much higher quality. So comparison of the two sets of lights is lopsided because of the distance difference and really worthless.

As to the other side of the controversy it is dual-faced; You have a group of individuals who have seen the moving lights or a moving craft (and all the people that believe their stories) who are not concerned if the "lights" are flares and as a matter of fact have other theories about the flares; some think that the government knew about the UFO craft and had the flares dropped as a diversion (conspiracy theory); some think they were just a coincidence. The other face of this side of the controversy are the skeptics who refuse to believe in UFO's at all and they jump all over the flare controversy and try to rest the entire UFO event that night with the "lights" and by proving the lights to be flares try to disparage the real UFO event and ignore it.

I think you see why I showed this video. I wanted you to see this whole thing from the most objective viewpoint possible and see the only possible conclusion.

When you watch this video you'll see both sides of the controversy present their data and opinions. At the end of the video the newscaster suggests that you decide what the lights were. She then makes a point at the end to say that even if the "lights" were flares it still doesn't explain the sightings of the craft like what we saw and then the piece closes with a short montage of some of the UFO craft images that I created on my computer. So if you've already watched the video and you have decided that the lights were flares then what do you think is the explanation for the "coincidence" of the flare drop happening the same night as the amazing, huge UFO passing silently and slowly directly over my front yard 100 feet up in the air? I'm interested in what you think about this. And likewise if you believe the lights were not flares then I'd be interested in hearing from you and what comments you would have about the evidence of the video analysis and my explanation about atmospheric filtration.