Monday, October 01, 2007

First Year Anniversary of Phoenix Lights UFO: TV Interview with the Leys

This is a video that was aired on local Phoenix TV one year after the original Phoenix Lights UFO event occurred. What I think is noteworthy about this video is the fact that the TV people are not really sure about what happened on March 13, 1997. For one thing when they speak about my experience that evening they make it sound that me and my family saw the "Phoenix Lights" that appeared to be hanging over the city of Phoenix around 10 p.m. that night when in fact WE NEVER SAW THOSE LIGHTS THAT WERE SHOWN ON VARIOUS VIDEOS. We saw 5 distinct lights travel towards us for around 12 minutes before we were able to recognize that these lights were embedded in an Extraterrestrial craft that eventually passed right over our heads so there could be no doubt that we saw them. That's the bottom line clarification: our family saw a craft "up close and personal" and to mix up our sighting with the display of lights later on in the evening is almost mis-information. Why is this mis-information so critical? Because the world may mistakenly think that all there was was one event and it's all tied in together. Wrong! The lights were just lights in the sky (at least the ones that appeared to hover motionless over the city) and not a giant UFO that we possibly saw. What we saw was only 700 or 800 feet long and it continuously moved and it came right down our street. So everyone out there that's listening know this: a real ET craft was in Phoenix that night and it may have had something to do with the deployment of flares earlier in the evening but it was not the flares. It was passing over my house around 8:20.


John Hutchison said...

wow cool what air date i was interveiwed also

Larry_B_Welty said...

This story and others like it pose the question, if this was a set of flares that were dropped by a USAF aircraft, why would this info. not be released imediatly? Why would so much time elapse before some one would come forward to say "those were our flares"
At a very young age in the early 70's a friend and I saw a "V" shaped row of lights like this, but it was only for an instant and they were colored. My parents thought I had looked up at the street lights and the lights created a series of dots that when we looked into the ski we saw what we thought were colored lights. (Of course the TV show "Project Blue Book" was airing at the time and that too gave little validity to our claim.
It seems odd to me that in the late 90's a group of people would all see the same thing, the government would not claim any responsabilty, then when the story gets some air time, and tensions run high, the USAF would then back peddle and say they were flares.
What type of national security issue could possibly be present by not admitting to dropping flares?
Unless it was a group of pilots out joy riding in a multi billion dollar aircraft, dropping flares that had passed their shelf life.