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My Eyewitness Third Sighting of Phoenix Lights UFO Craft - 7/23/1997

CGI of July 23, 1997 UFO

July, 23, 1997 – Phoenix AZ – Ley family back yard.

After my wife and I had the 2nd spectacular sighting [on June 25, 1997] of the E.T. craft that we had first seen on March 13, 1997 [the evening known as “the Phoenix Lights”], I began to hang out in my back yard every evening after I came home from work. My back yard was a pretty large green lawn and I would sit in a lawn chair just looking at the sky looking for any E.T. craft that might show back up. On this particular evening my son-in-law came by to visit with my grandson. We sat together and I spoke out loud what I had been thinking about before they came. I talked about the sighting that my wife and I had a month earlier on June 25th and because of the circumstances of the sighting I had come to a certain conclusion about the inhabitants of the craft. I knew that these beings of the craft were friends with God and do whatever God asks them including coming into the view of my wife and I and do a sky show to let us know that it is them and they are friends of God’s and they are aware of us. I further concluded that they were related to us as children of Jesus and were human. As I was sitting there quietly in the yard before my guests arrived I was wondering how there could be people like us in a craft that is not from this planet and I had an idea as to how to solve this puzzle. In 1966 when I was in graduate school I had written a summary and an outline for a TV series that was to be called Restoration. I felt this story filled in the pieces of the puzzle so I could see exactly what was going on with these UFOs. So this is what I spoke about to my companions and then I told them the story of Windsloop. This is it:

The Story Of Windsloop

The time of this story is 400 years after China and the U.S. had a world-devastating war using non-radioactive weapons of mass destruction. The United States was completely reformed by the destruction and now 400 years later both the East and West coasts had developed into feudal-type domains. The middle parts of the country had various tribes engaged in hunting and gathering. Windsloop was in one of those tribes. His father had died when he was 9 years old and he was raised by his mother and her brother who was the tribal shaman. Windsloop was 26 years old; he was a great bowman not only respected in the tribe because of his hunting abilities but also because of his healing knowledge which he received from his uncle. In his travels, Windsloop came across many remnants of the old civilization and its rusted, decrepit residues of technology. Windsloop’s tribe had a tradition that you could call their religion which said that the reason the way things were the way they were was that there had been a war in the heavens between the “gods”. This tradition was a very strong force in their society because it had enabled them to survive. The primary keeper and interpreter of this tradition was Windsloop’s uncle. Windsloop began to develop his own interpretation of things and started talking in the tribe about his interpretation. He thought that the battle wasn’t between gods but rather between people. Because of his position of respect in the tribe Windsloop’s opinion started causing discord in the tribe. His uncle had to make him leave the tribe so that traditional unity could be maintained. He told Windsloop to go across the mountains into California and go to the feudal seat in San Francisco. As Windsloop was coming over the mountains on the west side he came upon a bear attacking a man called Tan. Tan was Chinese mix; when the end of the war came 400 years before a huge invasion force of Chinese had landed in the state of Washington and their remnant had integrated with the remnant of the American population. Windsloop killed the bear with a single arrow shot. Tan was not seriously hurt – just badly scratched. Windsloop noticed a cave in the side of a nearby hill and helped Tan into it. It was a fair sized cave that not only had a front section big enough to hang out in and have a fire but also a back section that went deeper into the side of the mountain Early in the following morning it was not quite light outside and raining slightly. Windsloop needed to relieve himself so he walked into the back of the cave; when he leaned his hand on the wall of the cave in the process of relieving himself a heavy camouflaged door slowly opened to reveal a high-tech lit up entrance way into an underground military base. Windsloop was astounded, fascinated and afraid all at the same time. He quickly went to get Tan and show him what he found. After Tan saw this entry way into what seemed almost magical they both decided that the best thing to do was to get out of the cave immediately and maybe come back later. The whole affair was frightening to both men in their simplicity. After they gathered their things they left the cave. As soon as they left they were again shocked with a new surprise. Standing in a half circle in the early morning twilight about 20 meters from the cave entrance were 7 men with uniform-like jumpsuits on. Before Windsloop could get an arrow onto his bow flashes of light came from the strangers and Windsloop and Tan lost consciousness. The next thing they know they come to in a well lit room that looks like a classroom. The people that are in the room with them are definitely human but very unusual in appearance – enough difference from your average human that they would stand out like a sore thumb if they were to walk around in earth society. These people explain themselves to Windsloop and Tan. They say that right before the war of destruction their ancestors left the earth in multiple space crafts and traveled for 100 years in space to a habitable planet where they settled. For 300 years their civilization had grown and their science had progressed until they discovered how to transcend time limitations in interstellar travel and move from one place to another in the Universe in what appears to be many times the speed of light. These visitors explain that the first place they traveled to after their faster than light discovery was back to the earth and when they arrived they found the earth in its devastated condition. There plan was to restore the earth by introducing technology to all earth people that is beyond the imagination. This technology enables these people to not need anything from the planet earth. They hook Windsloop and Tan up to a device that enables the two men to absorb knowledge and attitude from these people’s civilization. They then ask the two men to go to San Francisco and contact the feudal chief and begin the introduction of technology for the restoration of mankind.

In My Backyard again

After I told the story of Windsloop to my companions my mind was still in the same direction it was when I brought up the Windsloop story in the first place: I had been thinking that the story had relevance before the start of the conversation but now after voicing it out loud to two witnesses I felt an intellectual sense of certainty. I saw with greater intensity that the Windsloop story could very well be talking about the E.T. visitors operating the craft that my family and I had seen. So I told my companions about my thinking concerning the meaning of the Windsloop tale. that it’s possible that the E.T. craft that visited me twice is operated by people whose ancestors had left earth at some point long ago when there was a great civilization and they traveled to a new world and developed an incredible civilization with a technological knowledge given to them by God. Keep in mind that everything I’m thinking about in regards to these ET. visitors is shaped by the sighting that my wife and I had a month earlier on June 25th. That particular E.T. craft appearance came after I had prayed to God and said to Him: “If these beings in the craft are friends of yours then would you have them come back by my house so I can take pictures of them?” And the E.T. craft showed up a couple of days later. Anyway, once I had concluded telling the story and giving my viewpoint on it, The three of us stood up at that point because they had to go home.
The UFO Shows Up
We were facing the west looking at the dark sky. I remember my friend suggesting that I should have the Windsloop story published and then the most incredible thing happened. We noticed a dark mass low on the horizon right in front of us and not far away; It appeared to be drifting like a cluster of balloons on a breeze. It seemed to be traveling from the southwest to the northeast; (from our left to our right). As it moved to the right side of the sky we began to walk north across my yard all the time keeping our eyes glued on. As it moved around to the north of us we could very clearly see the object. At that moment of clarity my son-in-law said nervously: “What the hell is that?” Without even thinking about it I replied: “Who do you think it is? It’s them – they heard us talking about them and flew down.” As we watched it came all the way around the yard in the same lazy drifting manner so we could very clearly see it all the way and when it was to the North of us we could see it very clearly because the sky was lighter because of light in the atmosphere from the Paradise Valley mall Finally it sped off very rapidly to the north and disappeared from our view. When we were watching the craft it seemed to be flying with its top facing us because as we observed it we saw atmospheric glow on both sides of the craft as if there were lights on the other side causing the glow. Take a look at the CGI at the beginning of this post that I created to represent what we saw.

My son-in-law was totally taken aback by what he witnessed. At the moment it happened he kind of went into denial and started saying that maybe it was some kind of government experimental craft. My answer to that was it sure seemed more than a coincidence when the craft showed up. The exact timing to just be a government craft? How about what happened with my wife and I. I said these things to him because he needed to calm down. He went home but two days later he came with us down to Village Labs for the filming of the Discovery Channel special. When he was at the town hall meeting being taped by the Discovery channel he felt much more comfortable because of all the other witness there so he drew a picture on a legal pad of the UFO we had seen two nights before. This is his drawing:

Scan of original drawing made July 25, 1997

What do you think your conclusion would be about all of this that I have witnessed? If you read my posts on the first sighting and the second sighting and then you accept my testimony about this sighting posted here I think that if you believe in God you could agree with the following conclusions: The crafts being operated by these beings have unearthly technology advanced beyond our imagination; the reason they have this incredible technology is because they are "in cahoots with God"; they demonstrated their friendship with God by making an appearance to my wife and I after I asked God to have them do that; they are of the human family; they come from another planet; their ancestors came from earth.
For me I am taking this all into mind and I am remembering all of the spiritual revelations that I've had during my life since I was born in 1943 and I have come to this amazing conclusion: The Day of the Lord will be soon; it is the beginning and the end of things; it's the day this world of death and suffering ends and appears to be transformed into a world of eternal life in joy; it is the moment from which all reality is created by the God who raised Jesus from the dead; it is the center of time; all life comes from that moment; the context of all reality is dictated by that moment; It is out of that moment that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus comes; in order for reality to be heaven on earth with everyone having friendship with Jesus forever it is absolutely necessary for Jesus Christ to exist and to go through everything that he did. I believe the reason these E.T.s are visiting us now is because God brought them here so they could be here for the Day of The Lord. This is not complicated to understand but it is difficult to believe.


elk8by8 said...

Tim, I just finished reading your article and I just have one thing to say---Amen, my brother in Christ!

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the same type of craft in Texas. I was reading your eyewitness account and you describe exactly what I saw so many years ago. The craft I witnessed had, what could I can best describe as lights. But these lights were not illuminated, only silver domes. Heavily contrasted against the pitch black body of the craft. It passed over about 50 feet above me. I was frozen still, and the craziest thing was that it was completely silent, no rushing air, or noise what so ever. And it was not moving fast at all. The triangular shape reminded me of a b-2 Stealth Bomber. I have never been able to explain it, nor have I come across anyone that has had a similar encounter. Thank you for confirming that what I saw, was not a figment of my imagination.