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My Eyewitness Second Sighting of Phoenix Lights UFO Craft - 6/25/1997

Sighting: June 25, 1997 9:11 a.m. Phoenix Arizona

On the morning of Wednesday, June 25, 1997, 9:11 a.m., my wife and I had a second sighting of what appeared to be the same extraterrestrial craft that had passed over our home on March 13, 1997. This time we were ready and got to see a deliberate display of the craft in full sunlight at a great distance unlike our first encounter which was unexpected, in the dark of night and 100 feet away (so close you could have hit it with a rock and absolutely silent). This second sighting of the craft was amazing. During the approximately 7 minutes we were able to view the craft I was able to take 10 photos of it. These photos only prove there was something up there moving across the sky although not exactly what was there. I believe that I can explain what is happening with this craft and others of apparent extraterrestrial origin. I am writing about the exact context in which this sighting occurred because the circumstances under which this sighting occurred are as extraordinary as the sighting itself. These circumstances are part of the sighting.

Just prior to this second sighting there was an intense media focus on my family’s close encounter of March 13, 1997 (Phoenix Lights). Not long after that sighting we had appeared on the TV show STRANGE UNIVERSE. At that point it didn’t seem like too many media people realized the full impact of the lengthy visit paid to Arizona and especially Phoenix by this otherworldly craft (and apparently other crafts) on that evening. Many people saw something unworldly that night of March 13, 1997, and some people saw actual crafts and many people saw lights and some of these lights were even videotaped. A lot of these people would like an explanation and tried to look to the government. The government has not responded with any information that would explain what happened with all of the events of that evening. This has spurred more interest in the whole affair. This sighting will not go away, nor can it be hushed up. There are too many witnesses who have also told their families and friends. Of course, for me, my family are witnesses with me which puts me in a unique position: I am not alone in what I have seen; the people that witnessed this with me I know very well.

In order that I can give you the full context of what makes the second sighting of June 25, 1997 so unusual and so significant I must tell you about some events that relate to this sighting. The things I’m going to say and ideas I’m going to put forth will definitely seem outlandish and perhaps bizarre but for me they are the only way to explain what I have seen and experienced. How more outlandish can I get than having a huge 1,500 ft. craft of unknown origin pass silently and slowly 100 ft. over my front yard and street?
My first real exposure to the UFO phenomena occurred when I met and became friends with a world-known UFO researcher named James Dilletoso in 1990. When I met him I began to seriously wonder about the reality of ET UFOs. Jim Dilletoso had done analysis of UFO photos since the Willie Meyer case of the 70’s. In March of 1997 when all this stuff started happening I was still associated with Jim and his company at the time, Village Labs. As a matter of fact when the UFO flew over our house the first person I called about it was Jim Dilletoso. I called him because of his previous experience and wondered what to do about it. What happened next all led up to the sighting of June 25.
Village Labs became the de facto center of the UFO investigation into the events of March 13, 1997 from the very onset of the whole affair. This is because neither the government nor anybody else seemed interested in doing anything about it. Jim Dilletoso put the facilities at Village Labs at the disposal of investigating the UFO phenomena. I think it was the end of March 1997 when the Strange Universe people came down to Village Labs and interviewed a bunch of witnesses including myself and my wife and son. The show aired on television soon after but it didn’t seem like anything really happened over it right away. I was surprised that there was not more publicity about the whole thing but I was new to the whole UFO phenomena and didn‘t realize the incredible amount of skepticism that was out there. Meanwhile at Village Labs, data was being collected from all of the witnesses including me. I turned over to Village Labs some of the digital images files that I created on my computer of the UFO that I saw with my own eyes. I had spent over 100 hours on my computer trying to draw up some kind of images to represent the craft. I came up with several satisfactory images and one in particular that represented the craft best. These images were on display at Village Labs on their computer monitors for quite a while including when the USA Today photographer was there and snapped a picture of my UFO CGI off of one of the computer monitors and put it on the front page of USA Today for June 18, 1997.

During the time before the really big media explosion concerning the “Phoenix Lights” occurred I would occassionally go by the Village Labs building and visit Jim. On one visit I met a producer from KSAZ Channel 10, the Phoenix Fox affiliate. He had been down at Village Labs with some other people from Channel 10 looking at all of the data that Jim Dilletoso had collected about the events of the evening of March 13, 1997. The producer and I got into a one-on-one conversation about exactly what happened in the sky over my neighborhood on that evening. I looked him right in the eye and told him my story in detail. He listened to me attentively without interruption all the way to the end of my recount. He realized that I was telling the truth and that a UFO had really passed directly over me and my family. A couple of weeks later I got a call from a reporter at Channel 10. His name was Bill Osher. He told me he had been assigned to come out to my house and do an interview with me and my family concerning the UFO. I agreed and he scheduled the taping for June 11. Coincidentally On June 11 a reporter named Richard Price from USA Today called me when I was at work and did an interview over the phone with me about the March 13 UFO sighting and made arrangements for their photographer to come out to take some pictures of my family and I. Then I came home from work to the interview with Channel 10. Channel 10 aired the interview on Friday, June 13, 1997. It was filmed right in front of our house where the actual event happened. Each of us: my wife Bobbi and I; my 10-year-old son Hal and my 13-year-old grandson Damien were given the opportunity to talk and tell what happened. Eventually it was shown nationally and CNN picked it up and showed it around the world. Parts of the interview still exist on the CNN interactive web site under “Phoenix Lights“.

Meanwhile USA Today sent the photographer around to take pictures of me and my family. The same photographer went down to Village Labs and snapped a picture of my UFO CGI off of a computer monitor there. That picture appeared on the front page of USA Today on June 18, 1997. You can see the scan line in the photograph from the monitor which kind of gives the impression that it‘s one frame from a videotape. I never got credit from USA Today for creating the image. USA Today let you think that the image was of a real UFO. Then when you look closely and read the article you realize that the image is computer-generated..

. When the June 18, 1997 edition of USA TODAY came out I started getting calls for interviews. Everything got pretty hectic with all the TV crews we had to deal with. Our little family of witnesses was on “PETER JENNINGS“, “TOM BROKOW“, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, CNN, MSNBC, HARDCOPY, STRANGE UNIVERSE and other shows.
By Friday afternoon June 20 we were done with interviews for the week and nothing more until Monday. I went food shopping with my son Hal and while we were at the checkout counter I noticed a picture of Pope John 23rd on the cover of a newsmagazine called the SUN wearing his big helmet hat and all dressed up and above the pope's picture was this headline saying “CHILLING VATICAN PROPHESIES“.
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While I was standing there I picked up the paper and began to read the article. The article said that the pope had a secret diary and in this diary he had been recording contacts with Jesus and with Mary. The last contact in his diary with Mary is dated July 2, 1962. The pope writes: “the Madonna tells me this will be her final visit and it is a joyous one for she shares tremendous news. As the year 1999 arrives visitors from outer space will descend in chariots of flaming steel and under God’s direction share with mankind much of their advanced knowledge. Scientist will at last wipe out most of its diseases and our life span will increase to 150 years or even longer. The visitors will also have the gift of resurrection and they will make the ancient Dead live again”.

I stood there at the checkout counter thinking about the UFO that passed over my house and remembering what I had said that night when the craft passed over and I was so astonished by the technology of the craft I said “whoever has this technology was “in cahoots with God”. Why did I say that? I said “cahoots” because I recognized the relationship between the amazing technology of the UFO and God. This was not just the intellectual realization that if there is a God then all knowledge comes from God. That’s a no-brainer if you believe in God. But also based on my own experience in the past. I bought the paper and took it home. I didn’t know what to believe about the supposed diary but I didn’t dismiss it in the light of my experience with the UFO. So now this gets really interesting. That Sunday, June 22 we went to church. We regularly attend Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Our children went to school there. My son Hal sang in the choir. On that Sunday we went to early mass so we could hear Hal sing. When we got there people were remembering seeing us on television on Friday June 13 and talking about the UFO. Some had read the USA TODAY article or saw us on some TV show. My state of mind certainly reflected all of the media activity. The UFO and what it was just dominated my mind. I went to communion and I came back to my pew and I knelt down and I was meditating about the Eucharist and about God and naturally I began to think about the UFO. I then talked/prayed to God and said to Him that if these people (of the UFO) are friends of His could He please have them fly by my house again so I can photograph them. I was totally sincere with this prayer and really believed that God had heard me. He answered the prayer the following Wednesday June 25, 1997. That morning I went out and sat out on my back porch facing the western sky. I had my Bible with me and began reading through it. As I was reading it I began thinking about the UFO people because when I was reading it seemed relevant to them. From the Scripture passages I was reading it seemed that these visitors had originally passed over the house because God wanted them to. From the Scripture passages I was reading I got the impression that I had been chosen for his contact because I was trustworthy with God.

As I sat there I was thinking about how the UFO people knew where I lived. They knew because they had seen the image I did on my computer on the TV and in the newspapers. They knew because they had flown over my house previously on March 13th. I began to think that maybe I was being watched by them and I looked up in the sky. I was completely amazed at what I saw. Way high up in the sky in the West was a very tiny but incredibly bright light. It was very slowly moving toward me. It looked like something in a very high orbit. I stood up and looked at it and I just knew it was them. I immediately went into the house and got my camera and I yelled to my wife to get the binoculars and come outside. I told her that they were back.. Then I went back outside and aimed my camera at this object. What I saw through the viewfinder was a golden, gleaming geometric alpha shape with a golden, gleaming globe in the middle of its arms. It was the same shape that had passed over us on the night of March 13, 1997; the object was tilted in such a way that would reflect the sun behind me directly down into my face. Wow! This was unbelievable! This object looked like a golden Alpha Omega. It was the carpenter’s square shape with a globe between the arms. My wife came out from the house at that moment with a pair of binoculars. I grabbed the binoculars and tried to look at the object but I couldn’t find it so I gave the binoculars back to my wife and went back to my camera. I found it right away and continued taking pictures. The object had stopped moving from the west to the east and now had turned 90 degrees and was traveling across the sky from the South to the north. My wife was able to find the object in the binoculars and watch it clearly. She was totally amazed not only about what she saw but that she was able to keep it in view through the binoculars all throughout the sighting. Now that it was going across the sky in front of us instead of coming at us it was no longer standing straight up and down but rather tilted sideways to the right as it moved northwards. My wife described it to me as it traveled; she said the arms were bright silvery and the sphere was crimson; then all of a sudden it stopped. While it remained in place the object turned in the air 360 degrees like two hands of a clock about ten minutes apart going around the entire clock face; then it laid flat pointing to the west and took off so fast it appeared to disappear.

As we stood there afterwards and talked about what had just happened I told my wife that this sighting was for us so that we would not doubt the reality of the UFO and of God’s involvement with the people on the UFO. I told her it may be a number of years before the fullness of this UFO visit was revealed to the world and that we would never forget this sighting (and the original one from March 13, 1997). So now the two of us were in a position where we would never doubt what we had witnessed


kasandra said...

I was pulling up my name kasandra
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what has happened since the movie was made?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Can I please see your photographs from the second visitation? All I can find is the CGI renderings.

I've read your webpage, it's an amazing story.

Mike (UK)